Scamming for fun, not for profit.

This website is dedicated to those hard working 419 scammers who spend their lives trying to relieve us of our hard earned cash.

The 419 Scam is named after the Nigerian police code for this type of crime. Basically, this is how it usually works. You receive an email asking for your help in getting a huge amount of money out of some third world, or corrupt country. For your troubles the scammers promise to give you around 20% of the loot. After stringing you along, with an elaborate plan that's designed to gain your confidence, they suddenly announce that the deal can't proceed until some bogus fees are paid. Naturally, they can't afford to pay the fees themselves, so they ask you to do it for them. This is the whole point of the scam, for as soon as you send off the money to pay for the fees the scammers will disappear, never to be seen again.

In light of this, I have decided to turn the tables on these guys, and turn the scammer into the scammee. What follows on the pages of this website are my adventures in the land of the scammer, as I take on these unfortunate Lads and confuse the hell out of them with double talk and nonsense.

Each of the following tales involves me adopting a different persona, as I try to push the scammer over the edge. 

In the first I play the part of a thirty-something Australian guy called Stuart P.D. Bistard. Stuart is interested in helping a Nigerian, named Joseph Otumba, recover the $20 million dollar estate of an unfortunate engineer who died a few years back.

In the second I play the part of Youdon T. Havaklu, a 47 year old businessman from Texas. Youdon is going to help a Zimbabwean exile, named Ken Vuyo, recover his dearly departed fathers $24 million stash. His father was killed by those nasty Robert Mugabe henchmen, and Ken is desperate to get a hold of his money.

In the third I play the part of William Johnstone, a retired English gentleman with a liking for the hunt. He will also be trying to help Joseph Otumba recover the $20 million estate of that poor engineer, but his approach to the problem is somewhat different to that of Mr. Bistard. 

In the fourth I play the part of Lady Penelope, a beautiful and wealthy young socialite, who also happens to be a secret agent working for the legendary International Rescue, as featured on the British TV show Thunderbirds. Lady Penelope is going to help a Nigerian damsel in distress, and her brother, escape the squalid life of a refugee camp.

In the fifth I again play the part of Lady Penelope. However, this time Lady Penelope will be helping a Nigerian government official spirit away a large sum of Health Ministry surplus funds from his country. Unfortunately, for Mr. Bello that is, our Lady Penelope is heavily involved in charity work involving motherless babies, which means he soon will be, too.

In the sixth I play the part of two people, the first one being Ayedont Havaklu, the president of Goldcorp Bullion company, the second, a 419 scammer named Usman John. The reason for the two personas is due to the fact that this bait went a little haywire.

In the seventh I play the part of Goldcorp Bullion Company owner Cranton Havaklu. Cranton is interested in a large amount of gold that a Prince, by the name of Mustafa Mazuri, wants to sell to him. What Cranton doesn't know is that this Prince just loves to send anyone who asks lots of photographs of him and his friends.

In the eigth I take on a scammer who is posing as a bulldog breeder, but cons people into paying for dogs that do not exist. This scammer actually featured on a TV3 programme in which they investigated what happened to a viewer's money when they tried to by a bulldog puppy online.

By the way, keep your eyes open for the numerous film and TV references that are sprinkled liberally throughout each tale, as they appeared to go straight over the heads of the hapless scammers.

The adventure begins when you click on one of the buttons below.

P.S. If you're short of time, and want to read my funniest and most successful work, then I recommend you read my two Lady Penelope baits, as well as my 16 'trophy' Goldcorp bait.




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